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New Travel rules for rental property! From 1st July 2017 S.26 – 31, will deny any deductions for landlords expenditure in earning assessable income from residential premises if it is attributable to travel(of all types) The new rules cover travelling to collect rent or to inspect or maintain the property Costs cannot be recognised in Read More

Small business needs to continually review its labour costs to ensure they are getting the best results for their net profit We are often asked should we allow overtime or employ more people? Using overtime for times of high activity within your business can be great for short-term results Often the need for overtime arises Read More

Setting Up Products and Services   Your products and services that your business sells make it unique and special. The same thing is true of how these items are set up in your accounting software.  Whether you’re using XERO, MYOB QuickBooks Online or something else, getting your products and services set up right can impact Read More

Exit planning for couples brings its unique challenges and opportunities as romance intertwines with business. Working as a romantic couple brings pleasure, frustration and opportunity all rolled up into one package. Sometimes it just doesn’t work for some, but for those were the sparks fly, business booms and it all comes together it’s a special Read More

When securing credit for your business you as the owner or director may need to provide the financier a personal guarantee. Our clients in the building and construction industry will often require to provide personal guarantees to secure supply. Many of these owners and Directors are personally guaranteeing thousands of dollars in the event of Read More

Why have a stocktake sale! Many small businesses who hold stock have those items that collect continue to collect dust. The cost of this dust is a burden that you finance year after year. It’s cash not in your pocket. Old stock are products are often a result of last summer seasons, old models or a bad Read More

Have your Say ! The Victorian Governement are conducting a survey in terms of red tape for small business in the Construction Business Our practice looks after a lot of small businesses in this space and we encourage you to let Government know how they can help make the industry a better place to get Read More

Why have a stocktake sale ! Many small business who hold stock have those items that collect continue to collect dust. The cost of this dust is a burden that you finance year after year . These products are often a result of last summer seasons or a bad buying mistake. Either way its time Read More