Business Development

03Apr 2018

Taxing property developments. Taxes can be your worst nightmare ! Undertaking Developing property will have tax implications, and the type of tax you may ultimately pay can deter

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04Jan 2018

Happy new year! January is the month of new beginnings and a perfect time to strategize about projects that will boost your business prosperity. Here are five ideas to get you thin

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21Dec 2017

Mission statements are not just for large corporations. As an owner of a small business, you can benefit from going through the exercise of writing your mission statement. It can n

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15Nov 2017

Its six or so weeks to the end of 2017 . Is your mojo in fine spirts ready for 2018? Cast your mind back to the day you first got your : your first lover your first house

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16Aug 2017

7 Sales secrets to increase sales and business Growth ! What complementary products and services could I sell to existing customers? - look at what you provide and how

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03Aug 2017

One of the hottest buzzwords in marketing this year is influencer marketing. Influencer marketing uses key people in thought leadership positions to spread the word about your bran

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