Business Heath Check important to help identify profit drivers

Every Business needs a Business Health Check

A business health check helps identify profit trends. Our business clients enjoy regular check-ups using our Profitcheck software that produces an easy to read a report that identifies trends, profit improvements, margins and a general overview of your business.

Isn’t it time to check how your business is travelling!

Many of our clients enjoy an annual or quarterly “profitcheck” report highlighting the performance of their business. If you don’t have a proactive accountant, then you need to talk to Geoff about how we can help you understand your numbers!

Our profitcheck report tracks trends. Do you know your Working Capital days and how long it’s taking on average for your debtor to pay? We explain how a 1 % change in price, revenue or reduction in expenses can impact the bottom line.

Our program is used to help the business owner set targets for-profit improvement on a monthly, quarterly or half-yearly period. When your health check shows great results, then it’s cause for celebration, and we encourage you to keep doing what is working!