Business Exit Plan and Growth

succession planning

Succession Planning

Throughout the life of your business, it’s imperative that every business owner plans the business direction and what you wish to achieve

At any moment of time, you as the business owner will have one of three strategies that you will be embarking on. These are

  1. Build to grow for-profit
  2. Create to for Sale
  3. Make to grow to leave for the next generation

What is your small business growth strategy? Keep doing what you’re doing and hope at the end of the journey you can relax and enjoy a financially secure lifestyle. Or, do you wish to identify a clear, concise strategy that gets you to the end game and desired outcomes you want?

Exit Planning

It is never too early to start focusing on your business and its growth. Regardless of where you are at in the journey, we are here to help you plan the next step.

Our plan includes:

  • Identification of what you are doing well, what’s not working and identifying growth opportunities
  • We focus on you as the business owner – Your needs desire and future outcomes
  • We then with you set a workable and achievable plan.

Our plan is a real life document that breathes life into your dreams and set goals to work towards the series identified as part of your small business journey

Geoff has had many years working with clients toward planned and successful outcomes. We believe a successful outcome for you as the business owner will be achieved by the owner apparently focusing on a well-thought-out strategy together strong execution over the journey.

With this in mind, we work towards setting clear goals and outcomes so that you the business owner can enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Our services deliver more than talk but a plan that, has a clear growth strategy and outcomes clearly documented with desired targets set to make sure you grow with the business journey.