Business & Strategic Planning

You know it, we know it:  budgeting and planning ahead are essential.  We also know that all too often business planning is not given the attention it deserves. The result can be rushed judgments over or under-capacity, missed opportunities or worse.  Your Gartly professional can assist you in budgeting, strategic planning and business planning, playing a key role in driving innovation and growth at your business.

We take the time to ensure that we understand your business and the unique product or service you offer. Of course, we visit you to find exactly what makes your business tick, what drives your profit and where “bottle necks” exist.  Then we can show you the long-term view and advise on appropriate courses of action – sometimes recommend vital actions before it is too late.

With years of experience advising diverse businesses dealing with issues ranging from tax to funding submissions to Unfair Dismissal law, we have a wealth of experience and expertise that our clients can draw upon.

To ensure that you benefit from the very best advice, where appropriate and with your prior approval, we seek the advice of trusted experts and strategic alliances.  Gartly business and strategic planning experts ask the right questions, which might include :

  • Gross profit percentage
  • Net profit percentage
  • Sources of income
  • Essential expenses for your business
  • Investment in working capital (debtors, stock, work in progress)
  • Critical calculations (debtors’ days outstanding, inventory turnover)
  • Income per employee
  • Wages cost percentage to turnover
  • Rent percentage of income
  • Advertising percentage of income
  • And more, according to your business focus.

It’s not clear who said it – some say it was Abraham Lincoln
But this is a quote we would all do well to remember:
“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

Contact us; we welcome the opportunity to discuss strategic planning with you.