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We Like Tradies – we get it , we help them grow , organise and meet their tax obligations . We nail it for them

Gartly & Associates offer a range of specialised service for property developers, builders and contractors.  Our clients benefit from our ability to offer accounting, taxation and business advice tailored specifically for construction and related businesses – whether your business is engaged on a series of major projects, or just a single project.  We can help you manage the unforeseen traps, so you can concentrate your efforts on your large or small project.

If you’re a Builder we use our extensive building and construction industry knowledge to ensure you understand your financial position, meet Bank and Home Warranty Insurance obligations and obtain the most from your builders’ software.

We look after a large range of business in the industry from builders, plumbers, air-conditioning mechanics  and installers, glaziers, concrete pumpers, Engineers, planners etc

If you’re a Property Developer, you certainly know that your business is not just about “location, location, location”.

At least as important is having a strong project and cash flow plan throughout your project/s.  We can help you plan for :

  • Initial planning
  • Advising on business structure
  • Planning tax and GST
  • Bookkeeping & Accounts
  • Appraising cash flows & projects
  • The commencement phase and presales
  • Arranging finance
  • Dealing with suppliers, trades and the bank manager
  • Selling or keeping the finished project
  • Meeting your tax obligations from GST, Stamp Duty through to income tax.

Contact us to discuss the services we can provide concerning your business and building and development business.

Running a Building & construction business or a property development business can be rewarding a profitable.

Here are a few vital observations that can make a difference to the profitability of your business:

  1. Growing too facts and lack of planning systems are costs and labour
  2. No cash-flow management and having a strong relationship with your lender
  3. Wrong or little advice around the structure for tax and estate planning,
  4.  Incorrect GST claims or incorrect understanding around the margin scheme,
  5. Inadequate margins on jobs or projects,
  6. Transform from building for others to your own developments and a lack of a clear plan.
  7. Retentions and lack of tracking,
  8. Bad marketing
  9. No planning for the next project and working capital
  10. SMSF and family trust no considered for tax planning and asset protection
  11. Legal protection, builders warranty

We specialise in making sure our building clients can grow and plan for taxes, wealth and asset protection.

Typically businesses begin small and grow to commence employing team workers.

Eventually, they get the taste of doing their own developments and are very successful.

Our role is not to tell you how to build or develop but look out for the things that may trip you up and to help you plan for growth, taxes and success.

Contact me and let us see if we can assist you. Geoff can be contacted on 95979966 or