Planning for growth

At Gartly & Associates, we make it our business to help you plan your business.

Every aspect of your business needs a plan from startup to exit.

Good Planning leads to Growth and profit for your business.

It’s important and for big and small businesses to get it right as well as those already established.

Recently one of our clients was uncertain whether a potential business purchase was for them.  

With our help, by us asking the right questions and working through the due diligence process,

our client was able to confidently proceed in buying the business. 

We then assisted them building a dynamic and clear business action plan “

Growth Planning – plan to win and we will guide you along the way

The Gartly Team has the tools and the knowledge to guide,  help,  plan, manage the growth in your business.

Geoff Gartly is not only an accountant but also passionate about being a numbers business adviser.

Our approach focuses primarily on the big picture numbers. Where needed we are not afraid to use other experts in the Sales and Marketing field.

Let us introduce you to the Gartly “Beyond Numbers” approach to your small business accounting and the planning process.

There are four recognised and vital planning stages when it comes to the business cycle.

1. Business Startup

“Get it Right at the start and success will follow”

Starting or buying a new business requires a good plan and money. Get it wrong and it’s a train wreck. Get it right and your business will blossom.

The Gartly Business Plan is a practical guide to the many aspects of developing your business. Whether it is a complete start-up or a business purchase.

We will guide you through the process of structure, finance, marketing and implementation.

2. The 2 – 5 year Plan and beyond

It takes 3 or so years to feel like your flying in business

Your business is in operation and needs the direction for the 5-year growth.  Often small businesses will stagnate and needs to reinvigorate. Being in business is like a marathon and we are there to help you get the energy to go to the next stage. We work with you and your team to get the desired “Growth Result”.

We like to call it the “Jump start Action Plan “. It’s a plan and call for action in no-nonsense practical fun steps. We also use our software to give the business a “Health Check” and find where growth potential may lie.

For example “One of our clients engaged us to facilitate their staff planning day. Their business, while successful needed a new direction to keep up with emerging trends. We worked through a SWOT analysis and help them explored the opportunities. Wow you should see them now its full steam ahead”

Geoff attends many of his client’s Directors meeting to help add his practical guide to the business owners towards business growth.

“It was at one of these meeting that we assisted our client to increase growth . Not having put up their prices for several years in the fear of loosing customers, we assisted them to work through how to and why to put their prices up. What happened was the client not only put up their prices but got more satisfied customers” We are so proud to have been part of their process and to see a very positive result and growth to their business”

3. The Tax Plan

Tax is an expense that needs managing and planning like any other business expense.

With careful planning, your tax can be managed and legally minimized. We call this tax planning and its not done when we lodge your tax return but ongoing in a timely manner.

Talk to us if your current advisor does talk to you about managing, paying and minimizing your tax.

4. The Business exit planning

Every business owner will exit their business – its just how and will it be on your terms

No matter how small or large your business is, it is vital that you plan for the future.  I

t’s simply not an option to put these matters aside “until later”.  Later may well be too late for the ongoing comfort and success of your family and your business.

But you’re not alone.   We can help you to develop a business exit plan in place that ticks all the boxes.  You can then use this as a plan for your pathway moving forward and ensure you grow with the end game in mind.

We work with small to medium businesses to ensure a professional and timely business exit plan is implemented and your direction is determined.

Contact us to help you plan your business growth and don’t leave it till it’s too late. or call Geoff 95979966