Don’t let cashflow drag your business down.

Instead of you and your staff spending hours chasing customer overdue payments, Xero can automatically email reminders to your customers. Just set and forget and the reminders should eliminate the need to sit down and  physically email outstanding customers

Get paid on quicker using Xero’s email reminders. XERO can be programmed to automatically remind customers of payments that are due or are overdue by a certain number of days. Set up and, customize your reminders in Xero in the way that best suits your business and trading terms.  Tailor the email message and the days overdue as needed.  Or take a more proactive approach and send a reminder before an invoice is due.

Your customer then receives the reminder, the customer can view it and pay the invoice online right away or respond to you if necessary. Less hassle for everyone.

Another task that works towards improving cash flow. If Debtors are still a problem please contact us for help.

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