Your donation goes along way to helping someone who is less fortunate than you .

Just a quick tip – Some businesses make the mistake to claiming for donations that are ineligible for a tax deduction. In order for a donation to be an eligible deduction it must be a purely charitable gift, with no reward or benefit being accrued by the donor. It must also be made to a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) approved by the Australian Taxation Office. An example of a donation that would not qualify for a tax deduction would be a donation by a business to a political party. In the first instance, the political party is not a DGR and secondly, a reward or benefit is implicit in such a donation.

Why do people feel compelled to donate – To make a difference cause they can . Some big Australians that donate include Twiggy Forest , The Packer family , Paul Ramsay and likes of Olivia Newton John.  Many businesses donate after gaining cash windfalls from successful business sales, philanthropy assisting tax and helping others . Large donations are often made through foundations or other specific trusts. The most known in the world is the Bill Gates Foundation that has donated back to help the world and in particular in Rotary to End Polio.

Finally we all give what we can give .Don’t ever under estimate the giving of your time.

At Gartly and Associates our team donate time to many community organisation but in particular Scouts and Rotary .


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