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We live in a world that constantly changes . New tax laws , new technology and new ways to do things smarter.

Geoff Gartly and his team like to keep our clients upto date and exploring new ideas. We have a passion for helping clients and small business grow their business and to work on their business rather than in it .

Small business needs to grow and be nutured and our events aim to provide topical information for our business owners on topics and information that they can use . We welcome you to join us at one of our seminars and take away an idea that just might help you in your business . Here is the latest seminar  on offer and just follow the links to book and join us!

Knowledge is power. Information is power.

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Robin Morgan

Our Next Event November 27th 6pm.

Holiday and Rental Properties :Why the ATO is taking a closer look at your claims!

With summer almost here and the ATO taking a closer look at Holiday House rentals here are a few quick tips to see if you are maximising your tax opportunities when it comes to rental investments and negative gearing

Our workshop will look at :

1.Rentals and arms-length transactions
2.New Travel rental rules
3.Vacancy Tax for non-residents
4. Claims for repairs
5. SMSF holiday rentals
6. Reminder about CGT and your holiday house

Come and join us and understand more about your tax obligations as a Landlord from a Geoff Gartly Chartered Accountant that has helped many clients deal with rental properties both here and overseas. Click here to book