Cloud Accounting for small business

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Cloud accounting for small business is a game changer!

 Cloud accounting is the pathway to the opportunity to grow your small business

The cloud technology and artificial intelligence enable you to take of technology and opportunities for small businesses. Accounting programs such as XERO, MYOB and Reckon to name a few are now packed with features to make life easier and provide information at your fingertips a lot quicker. Additionally, there are hundreds of add-on programs that make your business operate at a similar level to big business but at a fraction of the costs.

So what are the benefits to my small business using the new cloud and artificial technology on offer?

Here are a few practical reasons why:

– Faster access to information in real time

– Better collaboration with your team and us as your accountant

– Enable quicker and better communication amongst stake holder’s, customers and your team

– Routine tasks are automated

– Communicate with the rollout of technology the ATO is implementing.

As you can see the cloud with change the way, you do business, for the better.

If you haven’t engaged with the cloud now is the time to embrace the opportunity and freedom the new technology will offer. We can partner with you to help you transition smoothly to a new system, meet the changes, and choose the right provider. We make a move to the cloud seem effortless and allow you to enjoy the benefits immediately.

Let us help you make the transition to the Cloud accounting and start enjoying what the new technology can bring to your business!.

All the accounting software operate on different platforms. We explain the benefits of each package and how they may work in your business.

We then help you choose, implementing the Cloud into your business will simplify your bookkeeping.

Gartly & Associates specialise in Cloud accounting and computing for small business

Seven things to consider Cloud Computing in your business:

  • Choose the right software for the functional requirements of your business?
  • How can I access the software in the cloud?
  • Where will your data be held – where is the server?
  • Is the software easy to learn – can I use my existing file?
  • Do you need offline and online capability?
  • Will there be regular updates?
  • Will I need backups?

We don’t promote a particular brand of software but work with you as the client to work out which system will meet your needs

Contact Geoff at Gartly & Associates to discuss your cloud accounting needs. We aim to help small business take advantage of the new features easily with minimum interruption to your business.

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