Xero Features

Xero features helps growth businesses.

Small businesses are so focused on growth and know that switching to online accounting software helps with processing and monitor business growth . Online accounting solutions enable business owners to devote their time more on running the company by taking away the tedious task of manually managing accounts. Moreover, business owners can have access to their accounting records in real-time, especially as they are constantly on the move.

Xero is one of the most trusted accounting software in the market today. Xero  is a cloud-based accounting solution that can be used on any device—PC, smartphone or tablet. It helps small businesses transition into a “paperless” office by simply uploading your invoices and attaching them to a specific transaction.

Xero’s winning features can be summed up into the following:

  • AvailabilityWith Xero, small business owners can access important files anywhere and anytime, as long as they have Internet connection. Business owners travel a lot in pursuit of business opportunities, but with a cloud-based accounting solution, they can always keep a close watch on their accounts and their finances. Users can simply enter and view information through any device—computer, laptops, smartphones or tablets.
  • No installation required : As a cloud-based product, Xero does not require installation or even IT maintenance so business owners can do away with unnecessary installation and maintenance fees. Also, user don’t need to update their systems, save backups and invest in expensive servers to store all your data.
  • Collaborative: Gone are the days when you have to save important documents in floppy disks and USB keys and run the risk of losing them because they get corrupted. With Xero, sharing of documents and collaboration are made easy and convenient. It also provides and easy-to-use mechanism for storage of information and allows transparency of every transaction that will be useful for auditing purposes.
  • Bank feeds: There is no need for business owners and professional accountants to update all bank accounts and credit card accounts. Users can automatically upload data from bank accounts into your system. This will allow businesses to save time on administrative functions.
  • Easy integration: Xero can integrate easily with different third-party services and products, like the apps on a smartphone. It is also highly customizable and adaptable to your specific business needs. There’s no need to make reports or produce documents just to make adjustments to your system.
  • Add Ons: Xero partners with over 500 add on to make technology cloud solutions to improve many of your business processes .


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