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03Jul 2018

Do You Spend Too Much Time on Email? If you feel like you spend too much time on email, you’re not alone. Almost everyone feels the same way. That’s why it’s so important to

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31Aug 2017

Did you ever want a secretary that could answer questions all day? While Amazon’s Echo product can’t fetch coffee, it can perform all sorts of digital tasks that come up in dai

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22Jun 2017

In the last year, chatbots have exploded. A chatbot, short for chat robot, uses artificial intelligence to imitate a conversation with people. One place they have exploded is the F

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10Dec 2016

MYOB : Some nifty MYOB features that make your life easy with Accountright in the Cloud . As at December 2016 Automatic compliance updates – Rest easy, MYOB tracks all tax c

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08Dec 2016

Do you ever need to collect information from your customers? There are many ways to do it: a form in Microsoft Word®, a fillable PDF, and a Web form are all very common. Less comm

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09Jun 2016

Have you ever wished you didn’t have to buy yet another server? Do you have to delete old files on your hard drive to make room for new ones? If disk space is an issue in your co

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01Oct 2015

Do you need to get data from one app to another?   If so, it’s time to check out Zapier. You might be moving data manually from, let’s say, your shopping cart to your CRM or

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