I wear my suit to work to look the part in front of my customers, can I claim this on my tax?

There is a lot of miss-understanding around what you can and can’t claim when it comes to work-related expenses.

First of all casual and normal work clothes they are just not claimable as the ATO see’s them as private.

To be able to claim for purchase and cleaning of a uniform, it must be distinctively for the organisation you work for and be compulsory to wear as a condition of your employment.

A  corporate uniform must be distinctive to your organisation it has be specifically designed for them. The uniform must display the company logo and not available to the public.

The only circumstance in which you may claim a work clothing expenses for a non-compulsory uniform is if your employer has registered the design with AusIndustry.

Its important that you have written evidence of their cleaning schedule (i.e. diary notes or receipts) if you claim more than $100 a year. The ATO have set rulings and guidelines when it comes to these calculations

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