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Many family businesses dont  like to start the discussion around succession and estate planning. To be honest talking about your own mortality and when to exit your business is confronting

Our firm is assisting a number of clients who are now addressing their estate planning needs.

Our role as your Accountant is to identify your Assets and and any corresponding liabilities and how these should be dealt with by your Estate.

After establishing your Estate planning brief we can then work with  your lawyer and financial planner  to document  and help ensure finacial plans are in place per your wishes.

Leaving  your Estate wishes undocumented may cause both administrative and financial problems for your surviving spouse or family . Its better to address family estate planning well before it becomes too late.

We look at all areas from your estate wishes , your established entities such as the family company or discretionary trust and the use of your smsf

After addressing your Estate planning needs, attention then needs to be drawn to your 5 to 10 year plan for you, your business and the family. Exiting your business at some stage needs addressing. How to exit successfully is a planned process that should be done systematically over a period of time. For family businesses this may mean identifying weather the kids will take over the business and if so : how and when and what value will be given to you.

Addressing these issues in a systematic way alleviates family issues and provides you peace of mind.

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