Family Trusts

Family Trusts and your family estate planning !

Lets us demystify Family Trusts

Many of our clients successfully conduct a family trust for their personal and business affairs. Using a Trust has a number of opportunities to assist in your financial planning and long-term wealth . These include :

1. Taxation and distribution amongst family members

2. Ongoing Estate planning – so the Trust might out live you

3.Asset protection – against creditors

4.Asset protection against pesky son and daughter inlaws.

Plan and you shall succeed!

Strategy and planning is recommended when using a Family Trust . We help many clients to use family trusts effectively. Not always for tax purposes but as a platform to manage wealth over a long period of time.

Your Accountant may have set you up with a Trust and you are not sure how to use it. Part of our service is helping you to get the most from your family trust and unravel the mystery.

Small businesses can conduct their business very effectively using a family trust once they understand how to use it.

Contact Geoff on 9597 9966 if your would like to discuss how a family trust might assist you .In the meantime download our free fact sheet about family trust :Family trust how it works v4