7 Sales secrets to increase sales and business Growth !

  1. What complementary products and services could I sell to existing customers? – look at what you provide and how they could use your other services – talk to them and ask customers what their needs are. E.g  do you want fries with that?
  2. What new products/services do I have the ability to make that my customers need ? Look beyond the square
  3. Can I reduce the features of  my current offering and offer a cheaper version to a different customer segment? e.g. Cheap no frills version – define your market
  4.  What can I do to increase the frequency of purchases? Loyalty programs are great for this?
  5.  Can I add a new distribution channel to reach new customers with my region and global? Internet , google interstate?
  6.  Can I bundle services to products or bundle more services together? – we all like package deals
  7.  Can I add pricing, financing and/or guarantees that will produce more buyers ? Enhance the buyer experience offer deals to buy more

Think outside what you have done and make the experience for the customer an amazing one . Word of mouth sells products and services along with quality and great customer service

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