Small business Accounting . We focus on GROWING your business and profit

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So, you are looking for a business accountant who does small business accounting. What you will be looking for is no ordinary business accountant? At Gartly & Associates we have been looking after small business for many years – so we get what you do!

In the accounting profession, there are many types of accountants. There are those that just report your position so that you can lodge your tax return and then there are small business accountants that want to do so much more. We  are a small business accountant and specialise in small business accounting. We love looking after small business and watch them grow. Being part of your passion and excitement as you develop both financially and spiritually is what drives us as a team to help you.

We are a dedicated small team that specialising in small business accounting. Yes, we do tax returns, but we also do the stuff that’s going to help you the most. That’s work on your systems and your profit.

One the big  areas we focus on with you is understanding the Power of One.

It simple let’s see what the effect a one percent change has on:

Each of these leavers can impact on your profitability.

If it works for a one percent change imagine what it could do with a 5 to 10% change or better still 25% change.

As your small business accountant, we focus on these areas plus more. Seeing the changing profit results excites us as much as it excites you!

Part of our service to you is to provide you advice on other areas of your business as well. These include:

  • Taxation, GST and payroll matters
  • SMSF set up
  • Your Succession or Exit Plan
  • Your Sales Strategy
  • Your estate plan and your family

As you can gather, we aren’t your average small business accountant. Please take a look around our website and if you like what we are offering, please reach out and let’s see if we can help you.

We look forward to speaking to you soon.

Best wishes Geoff