SMSF Moorabbin setup and accounting advice

Many small business owners have chosen to establish a SMSF. Many business owners like the idea of taking control of their retirement plan. Those choosing to establish their own SMSF do so because they believe that using a SMSF can :

·         Offer a Choice as to where and how they invest and a SMSF will give greater access a wide range of investment options. 

·         Flexibility – to change investments and the structure of their super and retirement needs change, and the need to implement effective tax strategies.

·         Transparency – to have greater visibility over how their investments are tracking rather than rely on a manage fund.

·         Small Business Real Property purchase – we have assisted several clients this year to purchase a factory through their SMSF using limited non recourse borrowings.

In establishing a SMSF you have the desire to be actively and regular involved managing the direction of your retirement fund. As a Trustee, you need to be able to follow the Superannuation rules and keep accurate records that will support the assets and your investment decisions.

It can be rewarding but ultimately the aim is to manage your retirement funds.

Geoff Gartly is an Authorised Representative of Merit Wealth and holds a limited ASF License to provide you advice on SMSF.

Our service is to offer accounting, administration, compliance and investment support in addition to a suite of financial advisory services aimed at helping you run a successful SMSF and to guide you as a Trustee to make the right decisions.

 We look after many clients who have established a SMSF in the Moorabbin and Ormond areas. We are here to help you to setup your new SMSF.

Give Geoff a call on 9597 9966 to talk about your needs and establishing a SMSF