Why have a stocktake sale!

Many small businesses who hold stock have those items that collect continue to collect dust.

The cost of this dust is a burden that you finance year after year. It’s cash not in your pocket. Old stock are products are often a result of last summer seasons, old models or a bad buying mistake. Either way its time to move them on. As part of your June Sales strategy, consider the following:

1. Dust of the old stock, heavily discount and clear the warehouse.

2. Review your sales, work out what sells! Why and promote to generate more.

3. Discontinue old lines. Most industries discontinue old products and won’t offer support to those products forcing customers to reconsider their strategy.

4. Review your prices. Is it time to increase them?

Keeping the right amount of stock needs careful planning, reviewing and planning. The understanding your customer needs to ensure you have the right amount of stock that doesn’t frustrate your client. Do your business a favour and work on what level of stock is right for you.

Wishing you the best Sales season ever.


Best wishes Geoff Gartly CA


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