Are you aware that there are changes to concessional (pre-tax) contributions cap

From 1 July 2018, you will be able to ‘carry-forward’ any unused concessional contributions cap.  This mans you will be able to access your unused concessional contributions cap on a rolling basis for five years. Amounts carried forward that have not been used after five years will expire. At present this means that $25000 is the limit in the 2017-2018 year .

If you meet certain conditions and don’t contribute the full amount then you may roll forward the un-used contribution. The first financial year in which you can access unused concessional contributions is 2019–20. You will only be able to carry-forward your unused concessional contributions cap if your total superannuation balance at the end of 30 June of the previous financial year is less than $500,000.

We are holding a seminar early May 2017 to explain this and other changes . Please contact us if you would like to join us.

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