Tradify – trusted by lots of tradies to help with job management

At Gartly & Associates, we assist a variety of clients in the building and construction industry. One of our customers in the Glass Industry has a complex system that needs to record their staff entitlements under industrial awards and EBA’s.


We decided that to make life easier we would set up our client on a cloud based job management system called Tradify that integrates with MYOB and XERO.


With the complexity of contractual obligations for employers within the construction industry, it is important that employees are paid their entitled allowances. With various entitlements such as Crip, Site & Travel Allowances, keeping track of employee’s payments can be a daunting task. Luckily with the advancement of Cloud technology, there are job management apps on the market like Tradify that can make bookkeeping for the employer easier.


With the help of “Cloud” management apps like Tradify, it can help alleviate all the paperwork for the employer, through allowing employees to electronically log their timesheets, the various sites they worked at and the duration at the due work site. By doing so, employers can correctly pay the appropriate Site Allowance based on the value of the project and travel allowance for traveling between different locations.


Tradify seamlessly integrates with popular accounting software like MYOB and Xero.

Tradify allows employers to generate progressive invoices on projects that require scheduled payments from the clients, keep track on active jobs, and all invoices generated on Tradify will be sent to the integrated accounting software, reducing the need for double entry of invoices.


All of this can be achieved on a iOS and Android mobile devices.  Needless top says our client is jubilant that what look like being a complex maze of paperwork has been made easier by Tradify.


Visit us at Gartly & Associates and talk to Michael for more information on how mobile Cloud accounting software and job management applications can help you better manage the numbers within your business.



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